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Dietetic Unit

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Our Dietetic Service aims at promoting food nutrition and healthy eating through the enjoyment of foods.


Flavia U

Flavia U

Senior Dietitian

• MSc Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism (CUHK)
• BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics (UK King's College LON.)
• Registered Dietitian (UK)
• Accredited Dietitian (HKDA)

June Chan

陳勁芝 (過敏病科中心)
Chan King Chi, June (Allergy Centre)

Senior Dietitian

• BSc. Dietetics High Hons (UC Davis)
• MSc. Exer. & Nutr. Sci. Distinct. (U Liverpool)
• Registered Dietitian (USA)
• Accredited Dietitian (HKDA)

Chow Ming Yan, Jessica

Chow Ming Yan, Jessica

Dietitian I

• MSc Gastroenterology (CUHK)
• Bsc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics (UK University of Surrey)
• Registered Dietitian (UK)
• Accredited Dietitian (HKDA)
• Dip Prog in TCM: Nutrition (CUHKSCS)
• Professional Cert in Fitness Instruction (HKBUSCE)


Lau Wai Yan, Vivian

Lau Wai Yan, Vivian

• MSc Dietetics and Human Nutrition (McGill University, Canada)
• BSc Nutritional Science (UBC, Canada)
• Diabetes Educator Graduate Certificate (Michener Institute, Canada)
• Registered Dietitian (Ontario, Canada)
• Accredited Dietitian (HKDA)

Cheng Chi Li, Cherie

Cheng Chi Li, Cherie


• PgD in Human Nutrition (University of Ulster, UK)
• Professional diploma in diabetes management and education (CUHK)
• BSc Dietetics (Sam Jose State University, U.S.A)
• Registered Dietitian (U.S.A)
• Accredited Dietitian (HKDA)
• Certificate in Obesity and Weight Management (CUHK)


Our Services


Weight Control Programme

Dietetic UnitEat well, exercise well to lose weight.

Nutritional Counselling
Individualized diet counselling for clients with Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperlipdemia, Renal Failure, Liver Failure, Pregnancy, Vegetarian eating etc.

Health Seminars
Health Seminars are held on regular basis with topics as follows:
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy / Breast Feeding
  • Nutrition for Diabetes Mellitus
  • Nutrition for Weight Reduction

Counselling Flowchart and ChargesFees
  1. Collect personal data (age, height, weight, fat %, activity and blood works)
  2. Obtain diet information (24-hour diet recall and other eating habits)
  3. Perform dietary analysis and assessment
  4. Provide counselling and advice (Discuss on personalised diet, activity and answer questions)
  5. Schedule follow-up appointments
Initial Nutrition Assessment and Consultation
Duration: 45 - 60 minutes
Charge:   HK$900

Follow-up Consultations
Duration: around 30 minutes
Charge:   HK$550
On-going review (Monitor eating, activity modifications; provide further advice or set menus)
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

HKSH Health Notebook
Eating patterns in the last decade have been evolving, which present increasing challenges to maintain healthy eating. For most of us, busy lifestyles make it almost impossible to keep a regular eating habit. With Balanced Eating - balance between taste, nutrition, concerns about fat, weight control and more, thus striving for healthy well being becomes a simple process.

Through regular delivery of clear, relevant, and reliable messages in our < HKSH Health Notebook >, we aim to meet your taste and nutrition needs.

Eating Green
In the 21st century, depletion of natural resources is high on every country's agenda of environmental protection. As a responsible member of the Earth, we are all obliged to take action towards less food wastage and plain eating.

Say No to Additives
How can we achieve "zero-additive" in our diets and eating habits? You may opt for mild flavour in your meals by cutting down on refined seasoning, e.g. oyster oil and shrimp paste. Try natural seasonings (e.g. ginger, green onion, garlic, fennel and rosemary) in your cooking to bring out the very fresh taste in food. Eat less refined food as fewer additives are used in the production of sliced meat than that of sausages, and fresh fish contains far less salt than canned fish. Brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice.

Cook No More than What You Need
Affluence brings about changes in our eating habits. Enjoying all the amenities of a modern lifestyle, most people are now consuming far less calories than they take every day. Extra calories are converted into fat and stored inside the body, which leads to obesity and other chronic diseases. As a rule of thumb, moderation is the key to healthy eating. Always keep the leftovers for your next meal, or prepare just enough serving. Try not to waste food and overeat.

Quality, not quantity, counts
Competition among restaurants means lower price and, especially, larger servings, of which most end up in a rubbish bin as they are well beyond the daily need of an ordinary office worker. So try to refrain from eating too much for lunch. You may ask for a smaller portion or more vegetables instead to minimise food wastage.

Healthy Recipes
ArrowFried Pork Slices with Summer Zucchini and White Fungi
ArrowFish Fillets with Tomatoes
ArrowFried Fish with Sesame Seeds and Oranges
ArrowStir-Fried Tienstin Cabbage with Vermicelli, White Fungi and Lily Flower
ArrowSteamed Chicken
ArrowSole Fillets with Dried Scallop, Egg White and Sweet Corn
ArrowSteamed freshwater carp with Ginger and Spring Onion
ArrowChicken Fillets with Broccoli Stir Fry
ArrowRice with Bamboo Fungus, Abalone, Chicken in Soup
ArrowEgg Steamed with Minced Meat

Monthly Feature
ArrowEating Green
ArrowThe Many Benefits of Eating Fruits
ArrowSpeaking of Women's Nutrition on Mother's Day
ArrowGo the Healthy Way... Eat well, Live well and Feel Great!
ArrowHung Kei Fat Choy: Celebrate with Healthy Eating in mind !
ArrowYour perfect match to moon cakes - Festival fruits
ArrowHealthy Eating
ArrowHeat Warning: The Dangers of not drinking
ArrowA Taste of Summer - Caesar Salad with Chicken Breast (Recipe)
ArrowKnow your foods, Know your health
ArrowDo children need supplements?
ArrowIron Deficiency Anemia

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