Fees & Charges

Stroke Rehabilitation Service Package

Stroke recovery is probably one of the greatest challenges in life. Medical studies show that, under the guidance of an interdisciplinary team, early and specialised stroke rehabilitation can help make all the difference by optimising physical and cognitive recovery, improving functional independence and enhancing quality of life.
Treatment Goals
  • To restore physical function and enhance the required skills for daily activities;
  • To build up muscle strength, improve balance and regain mobility;
  • To improve speech, swallowing and nutrition; and
  • To address cognitive, emotional or behavioural issues and develop new cognitive and behavioural strategies to compensate for any deficits.
The package includes:
  • 2 consultations by a Specialist in Rehabilitation; and
  • 8 sessions of physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy (about 1hour per session)
The number of session and type of treatment may vary according to individual’s needs.
Package Price: HK$12,800
The following services are optional and incur extra charges:
  • Physiotherapy with special equipment
  • Consultation(s) with a Clinical Psychologist
* The above prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* Withdrawal is not allowed.