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Metro Finance FM104 Radio Programme
If you feel like expanding you knowledge on the latest health issues, stay tuned to the Metro Finance FM104 for 《養和抗病兵工廠》every Friday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You may talk to the speakers of the Hospital by phone. (The programme is conducted in Cantonese.)

Programme Review
Programme Schedule
DateTopic Speaker
26 May 2017What’s New in Cataract Treatment Dr. Chan Wai Man
19 May 2017Itchy Skin Dr. WONG Hei Man, Emily
12 May 2017Tonsillectomy Dr. HO Chung Wai, Ambrose
05 May 2017Emergency Treatment for Acute Stroke Dr. TSOI Tak Hong
28 April 2017Floaters & Maculopathy Dr. KWOK Kwan Ho, Alvin
21 April 2017Things you need to know about Radiotherapy Dr. LIU King Yin, Rico
14 April 2017Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Dr. CHAN Wai Hee, Steve
07 April 2017First Aid for Burns and Scalds Dr. SHUM Kin, Cynthia
31 March 2017Thyroid diseases Dr. YEUNG Chun Yip
24 March 2017Topography (Guided Lasik) Dr. CHANG So Min, John
17 March 2017Parkinson’s Disease Dr. LEE Hoi Yeung
10 March 2017Healthy Aging Dr. HONG Tin Chak
03 March 2017Ostoporosis Dr. LEUNG Man Fuk, Edward
24 February 2017Floaters and Retinal Detachment Dr. CHEN Ngan, Ivan
17 February 2017Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) Dr. CHAN Ka Yan, Helen
10 February 2017Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dr. LAM Chung Mei, Jamie
03 February 2017Travel tips for Moms-to-Be Dr. Kandice Li
27 January 2017Chocolates for Lunar New Year Ms. CHAN King Chi, June
20 January 2017Do shopping for New Year with Dietitian Ms. LAU Wai Yan, Vivian
13 January 2017   
 06 January 2017The Genetic Approach to Rare and Common Diseases  Dr. LAM Tak Sum, Stephen