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If you feel like expanding you knowledge on the latest health issues, stay tuned to the Metro Finance FM104 for 《養和抗病兵工廠》every Friday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You may talk to the speakers of the Hospital by phone. (The programme is conducted in Cantonese.)

Programme Review
Programme Schedule
DateTopic Speaker
30/08/19Liver Metastasis Dr. LEUNG Wai Tong, Thomas
23/08/19Diet during Cancer Treatment Ms. CHOW Ming Yan, Jessica
16/08/19Fighting Pancreatic Cancer Dr. CHAN See Ching
09/08/19Healthy Tips for Summer Trips Dr. YAU Wah Hon
02/08/19Cytokine-Induced Killer (CIK) cells treatment Dr. LIANG Hin Suen, Raymond
26/07/19Atropine Eye Drops Dr. Hui Siu Ping
19/07/19Halitosis Dr. POON Shun Bong, Anthony
12/07/19Preventing Colon Cancer Dr. CHAN Chi Wai, Angus
05/07/19Treatment of Epiretinal Membrane Dr. WONG Yat Hin, Ian
28/06/19Brachytherapy for Gynaecological Cancer Dr. CHANG Tien Yee, Amy
21/06/19Tips to decide if Gynaecological Surgery is right for you  Dr. CHAN Woon Tong, Joseph
14/06/19Blepharoptosis  Dr. TSE Tao Yan, Agnes
07/06/19Myths and Facts about Herpes Zoster  Dr. FOO Bong Yin, Kevin
31/05/19Different Types of Radiotherapy  Dr. LAW Chun Key
24/05/19Acute Stroke Management  Dr. NG Ping Wing
17/05/19Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy  Dr. CHENG Ghar Yee, Judy
10/05/19Common fallacies in Gynaecology  Dr. YUEN Pong Mo
03/05/19Floaters and Retinal Detachment  Dr. CHAN Wai Man
26/04/19Nasopharyngeal Cancer  Dr. CHUA Tsing Tsin, Daniel
19/04/19First Aid Tips for Home Accidents  Dr. LEUNG Kit Yan, Luke
12/04/19Presbyopia Treatments  Dr. CHANG So Min, John
05/04/19Gout  Dr. CHUNG Chak Cheong, Calvin
29/03/19Colorectal Cancer Treatments  Dr. LAW Wai Lun,
 Dr. KWAN Wing Hong
22/03/19Ovarian Cancer and Peritoneal Cancer  Dr. TAM Kar Fai, Dr. LAW Wai Lun
15/03/19Scoliosis Screening  Dr. LUK Dip Kei, Keith
08/03/19 Baby’s First Food and Food Allergies  Ms. CHAN King Chi, June
01/03/19Glaucoma Treatment: Stent Implant Surgery  Dr. LEUNG Yu Lung, Dexter
22/02/19Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema  Dr. LAM Bing
15/02/19Common Breastfeeding Problems  Dr. LEUNG Yuk Luen, Frances
08/02/19Diet Tips after Chines New Year  Ms. MOK Wing Shan, Sabrina
01/02/19How to choose Intraocular Lens?  Dr. CHAN Chung Yan, Tommy
25/01/19Helicobacter Pylori and Gastric Diseases  Dr. HSU Shing Jih, Axel
18/01/19Urticarial Dr. CHOI Man Kei, Ivan 
11/01/19New Treatment of Acute Stroke  Dr. Tsoi Tak Hong
04/01/19Macular Disease  Dr. CHEN Ngan, Ivan