Our Services Colposcopy

Our colposcopy service provides consultation, diagnosis and treatment for women with abnormal cervical or vaginal smears. 

Why do I need a colposcopy?
Abnormal Pap smear results or repeated episodes of vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse may signal cervical disease, premalignant changes or even cervical cancer. Examination by colposcopy allows early diagnosis of the condition. 

What is colposcopy?
Similar to Pap smear test, colposcopy is a direct examination of the cervix, vagina and vaginal opening (vulva). Doctor will use a special lighted microscope, i.e. colposcope, to illuminate the cervix and magnify the images of the cervical and vaginal surface by 10 to 40 times. A special liquid is used to highlight the abnormal tissue. Often the doctor might need to take a biopsy, i.e. a small bite of tissue from the affected area for pathological examination. The whole procedure usually takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes. 

Is it painful? Will it cause bleeding?
You may feel mild discomfort, uterine cramps, pinches, especially during the biopsy. Most women can tolerate the discomfort without the need for anaesthesia. There would be small amount of bleeding after the biopsy. It means you may need to use sanitary napkins for a few days after the procedure.

Are there any risks?
Colposcopy is a very safe procedure. You may experience bleeding and a little discomfort after the procedure, especially during the biopsy. The risk of infection is extremely low. 

How should I prepare for a colposcopic examination?
Refrain from douching, using vaginal medication and tampons or having sexual intercourse 24 hours before colposcopy. 

Will it affect my ability to bear children?
No. You can bear children after colposcopy as only a small amount of tissue is extracted from your cervix for biopsy. 

What should I do after colposcopy?
In general, avoid sexual intercourse or vaginal douching and do not put tampons in your vagina in the coming 1-2 weeks if you have a cervical biopsy. Please follow our doctor’s advice for the details. Please also consult our doctor if significant bleeding occurs.

When will I get the results?
A pathology report is usually available within 1 week after cervical biopsy. You should make an appointment with our doctor 1-2 weeks after the procedure, talking over the results and the need for further treatment.