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How Much Do You Know about Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

In support of cancer education in Hong Kong, the Comprehensive Oncology Centre (COC) of the Hospital participated in the programme "Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: New Treatment Perspectives in 21st Century" jointly organized by the Hospital Authority's Clinical Oncology Central Coordinating Committee, Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society and Hong Kong Society of Clinical Oncology on 24 March 2006 at the Hospital Authority Building.

The event was aimed at bringing the latest information about nasopharyngeal cancer to health care professionals and the public. Dr. Peter Teo of the Hospital was invited to speak on Advances in Radiotherapy in the seminar for health care professionals, which had an attendance of about 300. Our well-designed booth with interactive games and souvenirs attracted a large number of participants, and 280 of them boosted their knowledge of nasopharyngeal cancer through the games. The services of the COC were also introduced to the participants.