Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation

Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation

The Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation was established in November 2005 in memory of the late Dr. Ellen Li, C.B.E., LL.D, J.P. (1908-2005). She was the wife of Dr. Li Shu Pui, the late Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. It is dedicated to fostering the development of medicine in areas of teaching, patient care, academic research and health education.

The Objectives of the Foundation

1To provide medical education scholarships (“Yeung Wo Scholarship”) to any doctors, nurses and persons in paramedical services who are committed to using their knowledge to enhance care to the community and who have demonstrated strong interests in teaching, patient care and academic research
2To promote, encourage and foster the exchange of knowledge and education related to medicine through the sponsoring of continuous medical education courses, the hosting of guest speakers from the international medical community, the holding of regular meetings, conferences and discussions in the subjects of medical discovery, invention, technical development and practical experience in various medical specialties
3To enlarge the field of academic research and scholarship through supporting projects devoted to epidemiological, clinical, laboratory investigations of diseases and to the study of new therapeutic approaches to diseases
4To promote public awareness of the treatment and prevention of diseases

To provide medical and/or surgical and/or recuperative treatment to those in need of the same

6To carry out publicity campaigns, publish newspapers, leaflets, journals, periodicals and books, and to print translations from foreign languages or other similar educational publications for the purposes of the Foundation
7To promote and participate in development programmes in collaboration with governmental bodies, educational and research institutions and industrial and commercial organisations within Hong Kong, China or elsewhere for the purposes of the Foundation