Nursing Care

Nursing Care

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Entering a hospital irrespective of whether as a patient or for physical check-up can be a stressful experience for a number of people. Some may turn apprehensive when they find themselves in a new environment. Such feelings are perfectly normal and understandable. That is why we take great care of patients and visitors to ensure they are put at ease as soon as possible.

Since 2004, we have appointed a group of senior nurses and paramedical staff in our centres, departments and wards as Health Ambassadors. They work as Coordinators, bridging the gap between you and the Hospital. In other words, they are the ones whom you can talk to when you are in need of anything. Being highly experienced in patient-care service, coordination and communication, they will do all they can to help you and your family during your visit.

Working closely with the Health Ambassadors are the Team Leaders, who play another important role in the Hospital. If by any chance an ambassador is not in sight, you can always talk to the team leaders on duty. They will make sure you are heard. Whenever you have queries, comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to air your views. Everyone in our healthcare team will respond to your enquiries immediately and ensure the delivery of the necessary service.

To take a further step towards continuity of care, the Hospital is now implementing the Named Nurse programme. Each nurse in the wards is designated as being responsible for the nursing care of a specific group of patients during their hospital stay. A thorough understanding of each patient's condition is thereby ensured. Not only will this allow our nurses to establish the most appropriate care plans, but also rapport can be built at the same time. We hope that the tailor-made and compassionate care will make you feel at ease with the hospital environment, thus reducing your stress and anxiety; should you have them.

Always remember our healthcare professionals are here to serve you to your satisfaction. Do not hesitate to speak to any one of them anytime, anywhere. They will always strive to exemplify our motto – "Quality in Service  •  Excellence in Care".

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