Telemedicine Service - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who can use the telemedicine services at HKSH Medical Group?
    • Existing patients of the Group (except those subject to COVID-19 screening tests) who are located in Hong Kong at the time of the telemedicine services (unless special approval is granted)
    • For Family Medicine consultations, patients aged over 12 years old
    • For specialist consultations, if you are under 16 years old, an accompanying adult (who must be at least 21 years old) must be present with him/her during the tele-consultation.
    • For specific oncologist consultations, existing patients of the Group are required to be located at home or safe indoor environment at the time of the telemedicine services.
    • Patients who do not fall into the category under the “Guideline for Conditions Not Suitable for Tele-Consultation” (please refer to the “Notes to Patients” document sent before payment confirmation)


  1. How can I book for telemedicine services?

    Family Medicine or COVID-19 Screening Test

    Allergy Centre

    Comprehensive Oncology Centre (IE)
  2. What information do I need to provide for booking?
    • Full name (as appeared on photo ID or travel document)
    • Contact number
    • Email address
    • Reason for appointment (e.g. symptoms, medical history and medications)
    • Preferred date and time of appointment

  3. How do I know if my booking request has been received?
    For requests received during office hours, we will contact you by phone / email. 
    For requests received outside office hours, we will revert as soon as possible to confirm.

  4. How do I know if my request is confirmed?
    You will receive the following items by email:
    • Payment link for service requested;
    • Terms and Conditions;
    • Personal Information Collection Statement;
    • Authorisation for collection of medication;
    • Medication Delivery Consent Form; and
    • Telemedicine Service FAQ for Patients.
    *The details of Telemedicine appointment will be sent after payment.

  5. What is the earliest appointment available?
    The service hour of tele-consultation:

    Family Medicine or COVID-19 Screening Test

    Mondays to Fridays


    Sundays & Public holidays

    09:00 – 19:00

    09:00 – 13:00



    Last appointment: 18:30

    Last appointment: 12:30

    The earliest appointment will be 2 hours after the completion of payment (except Sundays and public holidays).

    Allergy Centre

    Mondays to Fridays

    (Except Wednesdays)


    Sundays & Public holidays

    09:00 – 18:00

    09:00 – 13:00



    Last appointment: 17:00

    Last appointment: 12:00

    Comprehensive Oncology Centre (IE)
    Mondays to Fridays


    Sundays & Public holidays

    09:00 – 17:00

    09:00 – 13:00



    Last appointment: 16:00

    Last appointment: 12:00

  6. Can I change or cancel my confirmed appointment?
    • Once the payment is made, the appointment is confirmed, whereas cancellation, rescheduling, transfer or refund will not be accepted.

  7. What do I need to prepare for the tele-consultation? 
    • Your identification document, i.e. Hong Kong Identity Card or travel document
    • Log in to tele-consultation link at least 5 minutes before the tele-consultation
    • Ensure that the environment is well-lit, quiet and network stable to avoid any interruption during consultation
    • If you have any pictures or videos which may be useful for consultation, please ensure that they have already been stored on a local device ready for upload.

  8. Can I book for another person?
    Yes, you may book for another person upon provision of necessary information for registration.



  1. What payment methods are accepted?
    • Credit and debit card: VISA, Master, American Express or Union Pay
    • Digital wallet: Visa Checkout
    • Others: Alipay or WeChat Pay

  2. What is the tele-consultation fee?

    Family Medicine
    HK$320 – HK$560

    COVID-19 Screening Test
    • COVID-19 test kit: HK$1,800
    • COVID-19 test kit delivery and pick-up by courier: HK$320
    (If there are other symptoms, consultation fee is HK$320-$560.)

    Allergy Centre
    HK$1,500 – HK$2,500

    Comprehensive Oncology Centre (IE)
    First Consultation HK$1,500 – HK$2,000
    Follow up Consultation HK$1,000 – HK$1,500

    (Fees are subject to changes, please refer to the Hospital’s website for the most updated information.)

  3. What will be the costs other than the tele-consultation fee?
    • Medication: To be confirmed and charged AFTER the tele-consultation

  4. Can I get a refund if I cancel my appointment?
    The appointment is confirmed after payment. We do not accept cancellation, rescheduling, transfer or refund.

  5. Can I use the vouchers under Elderly Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme and make insurance claims?
    No, we only accept direct payment.

  6. If I fail to attend the tele-consultation at the scheduled time, can I get the refund?
    No. If you fail to attend at the scheduled time (after 3 attempts to connect with you), we will NOT refund for payment paid and will under no circumstances be liable for the costs or expenses arising therefrom or any impact on your medical condition.

  7. How can I get an official receipt for the consultation?
    Receipt is provided after consultation:
    • For patients who require delivery (e.g. for COVID-19 test kit), receipt will be delivered together.
    • For patients who choose to pick up medications on their own, receipt will be provided along with the medication.
    • For patients who do not require delivery or pick-up of medication, original copy of receipt will be posted to the registered address.



  1. What should I do if the medical practitioner is not able to confirm the diagnosis or requires a face-to-face consultation? 
    You may attend a face-to-face consultation as advised by the medical practitioner after the tele-consultation. No additional fees will be charged for this consultation (medication and other medical treatment and procedure excluded).

  2. When will the COVID-19 test kit be delivered to my designated collection address?
    Within 4 hours upon completion of consultation.

  3. When will the COVID-19 test kit be collected by the courier*?

    Completion time of the consultation

    Pick-up time of the courier

    Before 18:00

    09:00 – 13:00 on the next working day

    After 18:00

    09:00 – 13:00 on the day after next working day

    *Courier will call you 15 minutes before arrival on the day of collection to confirm pick-up  arrangement.

  4. When will the COVID-19 test results be available?
    Same day report for sample submission to the following locations at designated time:
    • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital's Outpatient Department: before 5 pm (Monday to Saturday), or 2 pm (Sunday and Public Holiday)
    • HKSH Family Medicine and Primary Care Centres: before 2 pm (Monday to Saturday, except Public Holiday). Report will be provide via email.
  5. If doctors prescribe medications, how can I collect the medications?
    • You will receive a payment link for your medication after consultation.
    • Upon successful payment, you can collect your medications at the designated center.

  6. Can I arrange a third party to collect the medications on my behalf?
    Yes, the third party is required to present either the original or a copy of your identification document upon collecting the medications at the designated location agreed with our staff during the consultation.

  7. Will the tele-consultation be recorded?
    • The tele-consultation will be recorded and kept by HKSH as part of the patient’s medical records.
    • The recorded consultation will not be used for any educational, promotional or research purposes without any prior consent from the patients.