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The launch of Clinical Affiliation Scheme Signifies the Strong and Productive Partnership between HKSH and HKUMed in Training Healthcare Professionals

(17 November 2022, Hong Kong) HKSH Medical Group (HKSH) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) as a new milestone for their long-standing partnership in the areas of teaching, patient care, academic research and health education in Hong Kong, in which HKSH will serve as the affiliate teaching hospital of HKUMed.

Hong Kong has been known for its world-class healthcare provision as well as comprehensive medical care that runs on a dual-track system encompassing the public and private sectors. The imminent challenges Hong Kong facing is to attract exceptional professionals to stay in the medical field and train the next-generation healthcare talents for sustaining the high-standard medical care.

Under the MoU of HKSH and HKU via LKS Faculty of Medicine, the Clinical Affiliation Scheme (“The Scheme”) will be launched in April 2023 with the aim of attracting medical and nursing practitioners to pursue further and higher training and sub-specialty training in priority areas of strategic importance for the healthcare sectors in Hong Kong. The Scheme will also provide a collaborative framework to pursue a systematic and sustained exchange of personnel, resources and expertise between the two institutions in the areas of clinical services, teaching and research.

The Scheme will facilitate HKU to assign medical professoriate staff / practitioners and nursing practitioners to perform clinical services at HKSH facilities including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, HKSH Eastern Medical Centre and HKSH Healthcare medical centres. By so doing, HKU staff will gain wider exposure to different clinical situations and healthcare settings, opening up opportunities for enhancing their professional skills and research capabilities. For the growing cohort of medical students at HKU, the Scheme can also provide more clinical teachers to engage in a broader scope of undergraduate clinical training, including in the state-of-the-art establishments of HKSH.

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