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Delivery Booking Arrangement

For HK and Expatriate (Non-Mainland Chinese) Expectant Mothers

(Effective from 15 June 2008 and is subject to change without prior notification)
To ensure the provision of quality care in our maternity unit, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital requires expectant mothers who plan to have their deliveries at the Hospital to pay a deposit on booking. Booking for delivery is only confirmed upon receipt of the deposit by the Hospital.

How to apply:
Prior booking with the maternity unit for delivery is necessary. There are 2 ways how expectant mothers can do so:
1. Book through the in-house Consultants at the O&G Centre of the the /hospital. Each expectant mother will be under the care of an in-house consultant for her antenatal visits and delivery. The antenatal check-ups will be conducted at the O&G Centre of the Hospital.
2. Book through an obstetrician who has admission right to the maternity unit at the the Hsopital. The antenatal visits and the delivery will be conducted by that obstetrician.

Deposit Arrangement:
1Expectant mothers will receive a notification of acceptance of booking for delivery at the Hospital from the attending Obstetrician normally after 12 weeks of gestation. An expectant mother is required to pay a deposit of HK$20,000 (By Cash / EPS / Credit Card) within 3 weeks of the notification. Proof of identity with a Hong Kong Identity Card or travel document is required when they pay the deposit for confirmation of delivery booking in person or a copy of the expectant mother’s Hong Kong Identity Card / travel document is required when this is done by an authorised person.
2After payment of the deposit, the expectant mother / the authorised representative will receive a receipt and a "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking" from the Hospital.
3The deposit of HK$20,000 will be used to set off against charges for delivery services and hospitalisation for delivery by the attending Obstetrician as stated on the "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking".
4The attending Obstetricians as stated in the "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking" can only be changed after the consent of the original attending Obstetrician has been obtained and an application in writing has been approved by the Hospital. The original "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking" must be returned to the Hospital and a new "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking" would be issued with the current name of the attending Obstetrician. An administration fee of HK$1,000 would be charged for any changes to the attending obstetrician. The Hospital reserves the right to nullify the delivery booking when the delivery is to be attended by a different obstetrician.
5The deposit is non-refundable except under the following conditions:
• with recommendation from the attending Obstetricians in writing with supporting documents.
   (i) Abortion has occurred; or
   (ii) Premature delivery occurring before 34 weeks of gestation in an HA Hospital
• under special circumstances to be approved by Hospital Management.
An administration charge of HK$1,000 will be made for refund.
6 Validity of "Certificate of Confirmation of Delivery Booking"
The Certificate expires at four weeks after the expected date of confinement (EDC) as listed on the Certificate.
7Confirmation of booking for delivery does not guarantee the type of room requested.

A/C Department: G/F Central Block, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, 2 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Office hours: Daily - 9:00am to 7:00pm

The original copies of the "Confirmation of Delivery Booking", the deposit receipt and the identity documents must be presented at admission for delivery.

For any enquiries, please contact our Maternity Unit at 3966 3270.