Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook - Charges & Payment

Charges & Payment

  • A deposit is required prior to admission.

  • Hospital charges such as room/bed rate (excluding meals), medicines, meals, Operating Theatre (OT), OT materials, diagnostic examinations (e.g. MRI, CT scan, PET/CT scan, nuclear medicine, X-ray, ultrasound, laboratory tests), radiotherapy, lithotripsy, angiography, physiotherapy, nursing procedures, equipment, medical supplies, doctor’s consultation, etc. are made in accordance with the Hospital’s scales of charges for the particular type of accommodation. The inpatient medicines will be charged at a higher rate than the outpatient medicines. For details, please contact the relevant department.

    Additional charges will be made for certain services (e.g. OT, MRI, CT scan, cardiac catheterization & intervention, nuclear medicine, lithotripsy, etc.) on public holidays and after working hours. For details, please contact the Accounts Department or the relevant department.

    Oral medications once dispensed are not returnable. Unopened vials/bottles of medicine for injection may be returned to our Pharmacy for refund if these are discontinued by the attending doctor. However, a 10% dispensing administration charge will be deducted.

  • Room/bed charges are based on daily rates. (Meals not included)

    First 24 hours – (Commencing from registration) any stay for 2 hours or less, a half-day rate will be charged; stay for over 2 hours, a full-day rate will be charged.

    After 24 hours – Any period less than 12 hours, a half-day rate will be charged; any period over 12 hours, a full-day rate will be charged.

    Room Transfer – The room/bed rate for the day of transfer will be the total of HALF OF EACH of the daily rates for the respective rooms/beds involved.

  • Bed for each additional patient staying in the same private room: One-half of the normal room rate will be charged.

  • Patient Companion:
    An extra bed can be provided after 9:00 p.m. each day and it will be cleared out by 7:00 a.m. on the next day.

    An extra charge will be made for persons staying in the room after 10:00 p.m regardless of any use of extra bed.

    Only one person is allowed to accompany each patient in a semi-private room or general ward. The first parent/guardian companion in Paediatric Ward is free of charge.

    The Hospital does not differentiate the gender of companions. To enhance your personal privacy, you may choose to stay in semi-private ward, private ward or suite.

  • The Hospital is not responsible for collection of medical insurance payments for patients except those with the prior approval of the Hospital.

  • Any damage to Hospital property made by the patient, his/ her family members or companions shall be charged to the patient’s account.

  • The Hospital reserves the right to collect the differences in charges incurred in respect of patients who change their accommodation to a higher grade.

  • All charges for room rate, medicines, meals, diagnostic examinations, Operating Theatre, OT materials, medical supplies, equipment, etc. are payable every 5 days (for ICU every 3 days) and full settlement must be made to any outstanding bills before discharge from hospital.

    Payment of hospital charges may be guaranteed by producing an acceptable letter of guarantee from a company in Hong Kong on admission. Payment may be made by cash or cheque drawn on a local bank in Hong Kong. EPS, China UnionPay and VISA/MASTER/American Express cards are also accepted.

  • Opening hours of the Accounts Department and Cashier:
    8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Patients who have to leave before or after the opening hours should make prior arrangements with the Accounts Department before 9:00 p.m. on the day of intended departure or the day before for the settlement of the account.